Social Enterprise Volunteers

Volunteers bring many and varied skills to the enterprise – the most important being time, a readiness to learn and enthusiasm. A number of people meet weekly to learn APT and develop their skills by constructing chairs and other items for teaching aids as well as small items – baskets, tables, stools, trays for sale. Some people come once a week and others far more. It gives the possibility to be creative and different without costing the earth - of course it is a lot of fun.

There is a small workshop in Medstead, near Alton in Hampshire.

Photographs are from the first course held at Jardinique, Beech, near Alton


                       Busy planning and making                                  


Checking and thinking about the decoration  


                                    YES - I approve!


                                               New ideas can be a challenge but bring fun and satisfaction


                                         Making trugs                                                                                                                   Finished and painted trugs


The Social Enterprise was an idea of Libby Brayshaw and Sue Todd, inspired by Jean and Kennett Westmacott’s work with Assistive Paper Technology and Jean’s involvement with Cerebral Palsy Africa and funding from the

Vodafone Foundation World of Difference award in 2009

 Of course it is the amazing friends and Volunteers that make it all possible