Paper Furniture Events - 2016



In Hampshire, United Kingdom

- every week apart from holiday breaks in August and around Christmas and New Year

Paper Furniture Workshop Unit  under Cerebral Palsy Africa,

Unit Number 4, McNeills Horse Suppliers,

Redhill Farm Road, 


Hampshire GU34 5EE



10.30 - 3.30, Mornings  - making items in the Unit



10.30 -3.00 - in the Unit



10.30 - 12.30 - in the Unit

Sometimes in Alton 2.00 - 4.00

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10.30 - 12.30 in the Unit

but sometimes join with Wednesday group 

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Charity Barn Dance

in aid of CEREBRAL PALSY AFRICA  (Scottish Charity SCIO 036501)                                                                       Saturday 7th May 2016

 This was a very enjoyable event with lots of help from wonderful Volunteers



Cream Tea and Cakes


Sunday 4th September


Another enjoyable event with extra Volunteers






















Paper Furniture TRIPs - 2016

April - Jean and Paul Lindoewood visiting people in Kenya who did the Appropriate paper-based Technology (APT) course last year. Jean will spend a week in Nyahururu helping with the scond part of a Pilot for researching the Efficiacy of Assisitve devices for young children with cerebral palsy.


May - Jo Mosesson and Trish Brownlow went to help in Monze as requested by Deana Owen (Frinds of Monze charity) and Jonah Sialumano(Help Health) and the Disabled peoples Organisation.They ran 2 starter courses.

Trish and Jo preparing boards for the APT Training


August 2016

Jacob Chanza, MacDonald and Jossam who are Malawian Special Needs Education Teachers and Appropriate Paper-based Technology (APT) people, ran the APT course in Montfort Special Needs Education Teacher Training College, in Malawi. Isaac Chapweteka (Malawian Physiotherapist with the Tutors at Montfort Special Needs Education Teacher Training College) was supported by Sinead, CPA physiotherapist who taught the first cohort of teachers from Southern region in 2010. This is the third year of a Scottish Executive funding of this project.













14 years old & first time in seating.

She went from being passive lying on her side to this...
The students measured this little girl in the first week and this is her chair and tray.












17th October - 5 November 2016 

 Kennett Westmacott and Ama Darko Williams will be going to Nigeria where they will be joined by Veronica Hansen-Nortey(an APT worker and trainer from Ghana).

This is a project organised by Liliane Fonds and organised by their partners in Nigeria the Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul in Abuja  





Help with training in making good quality assistive devices from cardboard has been requested from people in Zambia, Tanzania, Malawi, the Congo and South Africa.


Paper Furniture TRIPs - 2015


KENYA - Nyahururu - 2015 got off to a busy start with helping Jean with a Research team from Wales, and a physio' (who stepped in because the physio' from Wales could not go as she was needed in the family) get ready to teach volunteers from 5 community groups in Kenya who were wanting to learn how to make assistive chairs and more for children living disabilities in their area. Two Kenyans who had done Appropriatie Paper-based technology (APT) were also involved in guiding groups as local children had items made-to-measure for them. The Paper Furniture Patterns and full size teaching examples that had been made were greatly appreciated.


ZAMBIA - near Kitwe - May 2015 with Wukwashi wa Nzambi. 4  Paper Furniture Volunteers are going to help 20 people selected from the 12 Parents Support Groups. They want to learn how to make APT items for sale to help their chidlren with disabilities. Wukwashi also has a school for 23 children wiht disabilities who cannot attend their local school so we will be able to to meet them too.


MALAWI - August 2015 - working with Montfort Special Needs training College, visiting teachers that have already done the Cerebral Palsy Africa course in management and making APT and other devices for facilitating children to sit in a good position enabling them to participate in the class. Will also give 2 'top-up courses'


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