Appropriate Paper-based Technology




How it is done – durability

Appropriate Paper-based Technology (APT) techniques were developed in Zimbabwe by Bevill Packer, making furniture, toys and household items as well as some equipment for people with disabilities. The use of basic engineering principles and working with therapists has led to further developments to make specially adapted chairs, standing frames, ride-on animals and wheel chair inserts for severely disabled children in various parts of the world.

The Steps - demonstrated by Wukwashi wa Nzambi volunteers, Zambia

1. Collect Cardboard and Paper

2. Piece together the opened cardboard boxes (cartons) and paste in layers

3. Leave to dry while being pressed to stop warping

4. When dry plan, draw, check and cut out pieces

5. Attach together with ties and layered straps of paper


6. Check for size and suitability with the child before decorations and varnishing is done

and decide what adjustments are needed and additions with an experienced Therapist wherever possible

7. Adapt and cover item with final layer of strong paper

8. Have fun decorating!